Corptec has achieved partnership with Atlassian over the years completing trainings and regular certifications, we understand how to extend Atlassian tools beyond Software Development to show how they can be used by HR, Sales, and Marketing departments to make a whole organization more agile.

We can assist you if you need a customized deployment of JIRA® or Confluence® but are concerned about spending too much time maintaining the infrastructure that powers it.

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Jira Software is a product of Atlassian, initially as a pure issue tracking software for software developers. Over the years, it has evolved and has been adopted by non-IT teams for tracking any type of issue, task, and other work items, becoming a popular project tracking solution. With the launch of the Atlassian Marketplace, many developers have created Jira plugins that extended the features of the software.

Today, it continues to be a popular issue and project tracking system in software development for agile PM teams.

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Jira Software is a customizable workflow engine. It allows users to track issues, bugs, tasks, and other work items through a predefined workflow that can be modified to fit users’ requirements. Here are some of its use cases:

Bug tracking.

Jira is primarily used for tracking bugs related to software and apps as they are being developed. It enables teams to find, record, and track bugs. It also provides a system to assign them to the right person or team at the right time.

project management

As a product or project management software, it allows users to assign the needed tasks to complete the product/project. It also has tools such as views and reports that provide information about due dates and statuses. The team is able to collaborate with each other, provide feedback, as well as manage approvals for requests or changes.

Kanban software development

Jira includes flexible Kanban boards to give users full visibility into what has been done, what is currently being done, and what still must be done. Using the Kanban system to develop software allows the team to properly prioritize their work, visualize the workflow, and minimize work-in-progress.

Scrum software development.

Jira is primarily used for tracking bugs related to software and apps as they are being developed. It enables teams to find, record, and track bugs. It also provides a system to assign them to the right person or team at the right time.

For project tracking and management.

Jira is a preferred project tracking and management software by software developers and IT teams. It supports both traditional and agile project management. It is centralized and highly customizable, and its workflows allow users to control the status of the project and how it transitions to other statuses, providing excellent tracking information.

Jira remains to be a popular solution with over 65,000 customers worldwide. Here are some of the reasons why:

Supports roadmap requirements.

Jira has tools that enable users to sketch out the big picture, communicate plans, and connect the bigger roadmap goals to the team’s everyday tasks.

Great for agile.

The software provides a single view for all user stories and can generate the needed reports for various sprints, such a burndown charts, sprint velocity, and others. Also, users can organize tickets into sprints and releases, and monitor the workload and task assignments of the team.

Available integration.

The issue and project tracking software integrate with many popular third-party software. For example, integration with Hipchat and Slack makes it easy to communicate issues and respond to notifications. More than 3000 apps are available at the Atlassian Marketplace to extend the features of the software.

Highly customizable.

Jira allows users to create any type of issue. They can also customize workflows to fit any requirement of a particular company. Users can create and customize various elements, such as tables, forms, timelines, reports, fields, and more.

Works for different types of users.

The software can be used by developers, project managers, engineers, managers, and other non-tech business professionals.

Corptec manages the infrastructure and integration of Atlassian products such as JIRA® Core, JIRA® Software, JIRA® Service Desk, and Confluence®.
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