Open Legacy

In rapidly evolving technological environment, businesses are opting for data migration and transition from monolithic mainframes, Corptec has partnered with OPENLEGACY to bridge the gap of API integration and help businesses in their digital transformation journey.
Application Programming Interface (API) facilitates communication and connectivity between two or more software applications.
API Integration allows organizations to:

  • Automate business processes
  • Enhance sharing and embedding of data between various application and systems

Deliver Digital Solutions 10X Faster

OpenLegacy’s Digital-Driven Integration enables organizations with legacy systems to release new digital services faster and easier than ever before. Connecting directly to even the most complex core systems, OpenLegacy automatically generates the digital-ready components needed to integrate legacy assets into exciting new innovations. With OpenLegacy, industry-leading companies release new apps, features, and updates while spending a fraction of the time and resources, so they quickly and easily become digital to the core.

  • API integration and API management platform.
  • Builds APIs for legacy applications.
  • Can Orchestrate multiple core projects into a single project.
  • Convert monolithic application to microservices.
  • Provide API management services.
  • OpenLegacy IDE builds integration projects and microservices project using OpenLegacy framework, which is a Java based framework. This framework uses java industry standards and OpenLegacy connectors to create APIs.

Why OPENLEGACY API Integration platform is needed for an Organization?

  • Connecting to cloud apps
  • Easily connect to the best apps and tools and can build own solution fast
  • Easy and Quick creation of new APIs.
  • Easy extraction of data from older servers and databases.
  • Fewer resources to keep departments productive.
  • Even non-technical teams can create and manage own APIs.
  • Simplify management, security, and overview processes.

OpenLegacy IDE

OpenLegacy IDE automatically generates:
  • Integration Projects
  • Microservices
  • APIs
Fast delivery of new APIs by integrating with core applications and decoupling it using microservices.

Easy Management Console

Easy modification and tuning of properties of development, testing and production environment.

API Catalogs

  • Provides API catalogs for the environment, out of the box. All APIs are easily viewed and tested
  • Can attach different rules for APIs.

Client Management

  • Ability to add and manage clients
  • Ability to define different access permission and rules for each client
  • Registration of 3rd Party Clients and giving access to approved APIs. Also allows to develop and build new application around these approved APIs


  • Configured to easily work with configuration server
  • Can edit properties of many microservices in a single location
  • Minimizes the number of deployments for configuration changes


  • Easy viewing of Ecosystem status
  • Dashboard provides information about microservices, APIs and receive real time alerts against potential problem


  • Security definition and configuration can easily be modified
  • Ability to change source of user authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, Database)
  • Manage and restrict access for users and applications to different APIs based on application scopes and user authorities


  • Apply multiple throttle rules to set the limits for API/ group of APIs / entire Ecosystem to improve the performance.
  • Help to restrict overall request submission rates so that they don’t go past account level throttling limits

API Bundles

  • Gives the ability to organize and group the APIs into bundles.
  • This allows easy application of defining security definitions and client access for all APIs in a bundle.
  • Allows easy monetization of APIs by providing client access to bundles.

Corptec provides an End-to End digital transformation and API integration while liaising with your existing systems. Power your business with 10X speed for success.