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Hire top-tier technology talent just when you need it.

We realise how important it is to get hiring right the first time as a competitive software engineering enterprise. Our talent acquisition team evolved dynamically from the conviction that success is dependent upon the ability to locate, hire, and retain skilled technologists who embrace the company's values. Our clients who hired us to develop their software were so impressed with the level of our team members that they requested if we could assist them acquire the tech talent they needed to thrive once our software development job was completed.

Our resources aren’t just there to deliver, they’re there to add value to your business

Our specialized recruiting solutions are tailored to our customers' requirements and backed by the same high-quality procedure that we've used to acquire our own personnel for more than two decades.


If you're not ready to hire a full-time employee right away, you can hire additional workers on a contract basis and convert them to full-time employees at the end of the term. Reduce risk by trialing  a resource for a short period of time before making a long-term commitment.


Grow your team of full-time employees with our permanent placement solution. We work with you to identify your specific profile of a successful employee, and source high-caliber candidates from our network of design and engineer professionals that match your profile.


When you have no time to train up a team of engineers, but have a backlog of work to tackle, you can leverage our team incubation solution. We will quickly ramp up a team and get them the mentoring they need to be productive. You then can select and convert them to full-time employees.


Corptec as a modern, relevant and value-adding partner, can provide you with the following Head hunting expertise:

In-depth resourcing across all different platforms, and on a global scale, for each and every search.

  • Access to passive candidates: Not limited purely to people on the jobs market. We access to the best possible candidates in your market sector through a range of different platforms, chat rooms and peer referrals.
  • Data-based insights: Corptec can facilitate psychometric, fact-based, assessment insights and has the ability to evidentially measure potential.
  • Competitive rates: Corptec allows for a range of value-added services to play a more significant part in our offering, rather than simply charging a fee for filling a role.

Talent Acquisition Process


Understand both the skills you need and personal traits you seek in employees.


Source from our relationships in the tech community.


Candidates go through a multi-step screening process, including behavioral interviews.


Interviews with technical questions and real-life problems.


Match our vetted and qualified candidates to your opportunity.

Whether you need to build an entire team or hire an individual technology professional, our IT staffing services provide you with the help you need to scale your team quickly. Our Staffing Solutions team will help you recruit like-minded individuals that fit both your technology needs and company culture. We do this by first understanding your recruitment needs and technology goals. With a clear understanding of your needs, we take care of the heavy lifting, doing our due diligence to screen and interview potential candidates. Our goal is to present you with the right candidates, so that after meeting only a few candidates, you can confidently extend an offer.

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