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Success Stories

Driving team efficiency through project templates in Jira

Challenge: Jira Software supports flexible ways of working, but this can come as a double edged sword if a uniform format is required across teams. Replicating specific structures in new projects requires know-how and time, when teams should have their project set up and ready to go.

Our Approach:
Corptec sought to provide templates for all aspects of project configuration, from precise requirements in workflows and fields, to permission schemes and issue types. This created detailed, yet simple to replicate templates for use in future projects that follow the same format.

Outcome: Two primary templates were created, one for internal-facing projects, and another for customer external-facing projects. These included 10 screen schemes and 8 workflows, preventing the need to create these each time.

Advanced roadmaps and SAFe framework implementation with Jira & BigPicture

Challenge: The Department of Justice & Community Safety was struggling to implement a coherent SAFe issue hierarchy within their NextGen Jira. This caused confusion across teams and severely hindered reporting capabilities.

Our Approach:
We participated in one of their PI planning sessions to understand the SAFe knowledge level of users and addressed the challenge by delivering a clear SAFe issue hierarchy, with distinctions on Business vs Enabler issue types. Additionally, Corptec provided numerous metrics to aid with reporting.

The sprint tracking was very smooth with the Advanced Roadmaps Hierarchy implemented
and 5+ program-level metric gadgets created including dashboards.

IDE Modernises Their Business With Two-Way MYOB-Salesforce Integration

Challenge: Australia’s leading sales and rental service providers for niche industrial equipment, was aiming to integrate their existing accounting platform MYOB AccountRight Premier, with their new Salesforce CRM. However, there was no out-of-the-box connector that provided the two-way sync they required.

Our Approach:
Corptec created a seamless, bi-directional integration between MYOB and Salesforce that enabled effective, real-time two-way synchronisation for inventory items and user data. We also configured the CRM with pre-defined fields and customised tables and replicated MYOB fields in the Sales Cloud app with the same flow and layout.

Achieved a transformative, two-way MYOB-Salesforce integration in 6 weeks. Established a centralised business system for data analysis with the data syncing reflected in real-time.

10X faster-quoting solution for a leading Cyber Security enterprise

Helping Cybersecurity giants to pace up their quoting process

Challenge: The usage of traditional systems caused much friction for the sales team forcing them to spend significant time and effort to create quotes for customers.

Our Approach: We customized a scalable and flexible CPQ solution – Cliquote, to just fit right for the CyberSec industry with the configuration of their products & services. The custom feature of guided selling feature enabled the sales teams to make faster and more accurate quotes.

10X faster quote creation process.
Reduced quote approval time with workflows
Reduced the number of quote errors.

Definitely "Just" Did It.

The Just Group reduces website testing cycle time by 75% with Opkey

Challenge: The Just group is one the biggest retailers in Australia with over 1000 stores worldwide. They have several websites (apps included) to support the ever-growing demand for fast retail shopping and quick processes. They needed a way to optimize their processes and sprint cycles decreasing their test times and improving the function as a whole.

Our Approach:
We proposed a solution to them which involved ‘Opkey’, one the fastest rising no code automation testing tool which assists in automating all their test scripts and cases with no downtime or manual intervention required. We helped them by analyzing all their environments and figuring out the best approach which would accommodate all their requirements and needs.

We delivered over 90 scripts with a running percentage of over 95% (Scheduled jobs running without system issues) and constantly were available whenever they required any form of assistance.

Unified web-based platform for Network Configuration Management

Centralized web-based platform for VICTRACK to manage network device configurations

Challenge: VICTRACK was aiming to undertake a major shift from their legacy system to a more robust and standardized web-based platform to assist their engineers in managing network template configurations.

Our Approach:
Implemented a unified and fast API integrations using Mulesoft “AnyPoint Platform”.
Automated audit scripts to sync device network configuration with Internal design configurations. A secure and scalable UI was developed using ReactJS and Crema frameworks.

Enhanced productivity of the network engineers with use of new templates.
Reduces the number of steps required to create new template configurations.
Improved data security and user experience.

Augmented a team of WCS specialists for E-commerce Transformation Project

Niche WCS specialists were sourced and incubated to enable Australia’s largest retailer with their e-commerce transformation.

Challenge: Our client was in the midst of an e-commerce transformation project – it included migration to the latest version of WCS, and developing and supporting e-commerce capabilities across global stores. The client’s unique perspectives to setup the platform required highly skilled WCS resources.

Our Approach: During the discovery session our team fully grasped the key skillsets and expertise required for the transformation project and technical issues underlying the e-commerce transition. It was determined that the WCS architects and developers that would work on the solution would need to have experience in a wide variety of e-commerce solutions & large-scale projects.

Outcome: Corptec set up a team of WCS architects, WCS developers, DevOps Engineers and front-end developers in India that had extensive experience in the US, UK and European retail solutions, bringing their e-commerce expertise to the Australian retailer. This team has greatly helped our client to move ahead with their business goals, on time and within budget.