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Hybrid, Multi-Cloud and SaaS Backup

Our solution offers efficient protection for Atlassian Cloud without the need for agents or hardware dependencies. Enjoy one-click simplicity for seamless backup and recovery regardless of data location.

Backup & Recovery

Experience hassle-free data backup and recovery for Atlassian applications with HYCU’s hybrid and multi-cloud protection platform with the flexibility to “bring your own storage” and lower total cost of ownership. Simplify your processes from data center to the cloud and SaaS, saving time and resources.

Disaster Recovery

Enjoy seamless failover, cross-region recovery, and RTO assurance. With intuitive hosting, eliminate data silo sprawl and reduce downtime, data loss, and costs. Start your free trial to experience up to 50% savings on infrastructure resources alone.

Data Mobility

Whether you’re shifting workloads from Atlassian Data Center to Cloud or platforms on-demand, executing swift lift and shift migrations, or seamlessly failing over to the public cloud as a recovery target, HYCU ensures shockingly simple data protection from start to finish.

Ransomware Protection

Guard against the negative impacts of ransomware attacks by leveraging secure, air-gapped, and immutable backups tailored for each data source including Jira, Confluence, and Trello. Experience shockingly simple data recovery in minutes with granular recovery objectives, role-based access controls, and a user-friendly self-service portal.

Hybrid, Multi-cloud & SaaS

A shockingly simple, 100% SaaS platform prioritizing your data’s availability on your terms. Designed to eliminate vendor lock-in, it offers unified, cross-platform data visibility and integrated hybrid/multi-cloud protection through a single pane of glass, ensuring secure safeguards.

Security & Compliance

With dependable 24/7 protection policies and air-gapped backups, it ensures quick recovery from ransomware attacks. HYCU adheres to standards such as STIG, NIAP, ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), GDPR and more.

Automate your JIRA backups and restore in under one minute!

1-click backups that will run 24/7 for uninterrupted peace of mind
Instantly restore entire Jira projects, issues, attachments, and more!
Always meet compliance and data retention requirements

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The Ultimate Guide: Protect and Secure Jira Service Management

Jira is too important not to back up. Losing projects, issues, and configurations can derail progress and damage productivity. Yet, backup and recovery are your responsibility, not Atlassian’s. Get started now and read about your responsibility and HYCU’s automated approach to Atlassian Cloud data protection today.

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