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We are one of the top-ranked HubSpot Gold Solution partners in the APAC region. Our experienced HubSpot superstars have years of experience and competence in assisting organizations to reach their goals. Revamp your HubSpot Journey with us.

What We Do

Sales & CRM

Empower your people and transform sales processes.

Sales & CRM

You can enrich your contact data with HubSpot CRM, making it easier for your team to engage with prospective clients through meeting scheduling, live chat, and email templates.

Implement & Integrate

 Tailored implementation & custom Integration services

Implement & Integrate

From HubSpot onboarding to setup, API integrations to custom development, migration to implementation, and everything in between.

Migrate To Hubspot

Move data from legacy systems to HubSpot 

Migrate To Hubspot

Migrating to a new platform is always complex and challenging, which is why we only trust our team's certified professionals to migrate your site and data into HubSpot.

Consulting & Management

One stop for all your HubSpot needs.  

Consulting & Management

We will manage all your HubSpot licensing and support and ensure a seamless experience as you scale.

Marketing Automation

Unleash the potential of Marketing Hub.


Automate your marketing cycle by integrating everything from account-based marketing to lead monitoring, analytics, and email marketing using workflows & sequences.

Calculate the ROI you could experience with HubSpot

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Corptec's Guaranteed HubSpot Consulting Services

Our dedication to technical expertise in HubSpot has given us the opportunity to significantly assist businesses in increasing their return on investment from HubSpot through both leads generation and faster conversions.



“Nothing was too hard for Corptec HubSpot consultants. The team's ability to explain items at both a technical and basic level was perfect for our team. Our setup wouldn't have been nearly as simple if it wasn't for their help. The convenience of the team coming out to the site was great also.”
Asia Pacific Serviced Offices
“Nidhish helped our team through the whole onboarding process and provided detailed instructions and proactive help. The in-person help was invaluable. Suri was very helpful in creating our dashboard and assisting with marketing workflow automation.”
Leah Nash
Marketing Coordinator

HubSpot Starter Package

HubSpot Starter Package

What we offer
  • Portal audit and best practice configuration setup
  • Brand setup (Logos, Fonts, colors, email footers, etc.)
  • Brand domain & email domain connection.
  • Filtering out internal traffic & whitelisting HubSpot notification IPs
  • Custom property creation and customizations
  • Object view personalizations
  • Google analytics and GTM code setup
  • Setup of email marketing lists <5x
  • Templates and Form setups
  • Q&A and training on config topics requested by the Client
  • 5 hours of implementation support or production requests


HubSpot offers its clients a remarkable CRM with marketing & Sales automation platforms. They are among the CRMs that are most frequently utilised by leading companies thanks to their ongoing research, development, and technological breakthroughs.

To assist its Marketing, Sales, and Service teams in efficiently using the data contained in the platform to filter and delve deeply into the insights to achieve the desired results, it provides a centralised CRM.

We can also help you integrate Salesforce and HubSpot while leveraging the upsides of both systems and cutting down licensing costs.
HubSpot makes it simple to track the sales process by providing you with comprehensive and in-depth performance statistics. Prospecting, connecting, researching, presenting, and closing are all steps in the sales process.

Therefore, HubSpot effortlessly tracks the actions and keeps you updated, enabling you to transfer your sales processes regardless of the stage you are at.
Workflows are Hub dependent and the more intricate workflows can only be built in the Pro and Enterprise Workflow tool.
Your HubSpot portal has a cap on the number of Marketing Contacts you may use to deliver marketing emails to contacts.

You can add more contacts in groups of 5000 each once the initial 2000 marketing contacts are added to the marketing pro portal. In essence, a contact must be a marketing contact in order to receive marketing emails from you or to be added to a social media audience.
As Certified partners we have extensive experience and a detailed checklist that will enable you to maximise your ROI with HubSpot.

We will build custom properties required for your business and enable all integrations to get you started on your journey to growth.
We are trusted partners for Implementation, customisation and onboarding of Marketing Hub, SalesHuB, HubSpot CMS and Revops.

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