Atlassian will increase DC & Server license prices in Feb 2023: Here’s what you can do

atlassian server price 2023
Atlassian will increase price of server and datacenter on Feb 15 2023. We have compiled a solution list solutions that will help you navigate the changes.

On February 15, 2023, Atlassian will raise the price of a select number of its server and data center licensing. Due to the impending nature of this date, we have compiled a list of inquiries and responses that will help you manage the impending changes and will also serve as a guide for your next course of action.

Why is there a service price increase?

Atlassian will update its Jira Software and Confluence products as of February 15, in the following ways:

  • There will be a 15% pricing rise for data center-advantaged programs for:
    • Jira Software
    • Confluence
    • Jira Service Management products
  • 15–25% more will be added to server-advantaged price plans for:
    • Jira Software
    • Confluence
    • Jira Service Management products
  • 0.5-15% more will be added to server list price plans
  • Stopping the purchase or installation of new server applications on the Atlassian Marketplace

Is this change going to affect me?

You will be impacted if you are:

A current Data Center customer on an advantaged price plan

Don’t know if you are on an advantaged plan or not? We can help you determine and advise you on the right options: Get In Touch With Us Today.

There are three choices available to you!

Option 1: Renew your licenses right away

Let us know whether you want to renew your Data Center or Server license before the price increase, and we’ll provide you with an estimate based on the existing rates. You must submit a purchase order before March 15, 2023 and pay within the next 7 days to secure it. Learn More About Future Server Pricing FAQs.

Option 2: Extend the term of your Data Center licenses by up to 24 months.

You can request a 24-month quote for new Data Center licensing and renewals to lock in the current cost (Atlassian quoting terms and conditions apply). Please do reach out to us to get a price comparison of Server and Data Center licensing and to seek advice on eligibility for more benefits exclusively offered by Corptec.

Option 3: Get in touch with us to talk about your cloud migration alternatives!

Get in touch with our Atlassian consultants if you are currently using a server (or data center) and would like to discuss your alternatives for moving to the cloud and eligibility for getting a free Cloud Trial of up to 12 months. Fill in the form below and get a optimised quote for your Atlassian products.


Please feel free to reach out to us at 1800-007-276 for any further details on the price changes. To know more about our Atlassian Services – Visit: Corptec Atlassian Consulting

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