How Secure Is the Atlassian Cloud? Busting Common Cloud Security Myths

Atlassian Cloud Security Myth-Busting Webinar
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How often have you heard that your data loss and recovery is Atlassian’s responsibility? Or that data and applications on the cloud are more prone to data breaches than those housed on-premises?

Well, coming from our customers—they seem to have heard them quite a lot!

As an Atlassian-approved Gold Solution and Implementation Partner, Corptec has had the privilege to work with reputed organisations across Australia and New Zealand, and help them derive more value out of their Atlassian investments.

However, a staggering number of customers regularly approach us with misconceptions that hold them back from making a pro-cloud decision. While some are hazy about how secure the Atlassian cloud actually is, there are others who wholeheartedly believe that lasting data loss can be prevented just by ticking the ‘Backup for Cloud’ check box under their system settings!

And the list doesn’t end there. Many customers, especially those from highly regulated industries, wonder whether cloud compliance requirements are automatically taken care of when they migrate to the Atlassian cloud. Still others question whether it’s possible to control where their data is hosted and if data residency is a paid service.

Prevailing concerns like these prompted our Atlassian consultants to document common fallacies that most cloud customers fall easy prey to. Although we devote sufficient time to address any and every question around Atlassian cloud adoption, data protection, data residency, and industry-specific compliance that our clients may have, we felt that there was a need to address such myths on a larger scale and separate fact from fiction once and for all.

Busting Common Cloud Security Myths—A Corptec Webinar

In order to help dispel popular myths surrounding Atlassian cloud security and compliance, Corptec decided to team up with Atlassian’s own expert, Asigen Dan, to act as the speaker for our upcoming live myth-busting webinar.

Dan is a data analytics and cloud security enthusiast, who is passionate about getting Atlassian customers familiarized with cloud software and infrastructure. His day-to-day role is focused on reassuring customers that their sensitive data is safe and in ensuring that they are confident with their cloud choices. Dan, we knew, was the right person to inform customers about Atlassian’s security programs and allay the fears of those belonging to highly regulated industries about data residency and cloud compliance in Atlassian.

We needed an expert to support Dan, however. Who better than Bogdan Viher—the Global Channel Director at HYCU Inc! A seasoned SaaS and cloud resilience expert specializing in Atlassian cloud security and compliance, Bogdan was our perfect choice. His immense experience in mitigating challenges with SaaS adoption and implementing data protection for the Atlassian cloud gave us the confidence that he was the right person to bust myths around cloud security and give the webinar audience much-needed perspective!

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Our webinar, titled “How Secure is the Atlassian Cloud? Busting Common Cloud Security Myths” does more than just busting myths, however. Our speakers will enumerate varying use-case scenarios related to data security on the public cloud as well as on-premises, share the pros and cons of Atlassian’s comprehensive backup program, and dive deep into what Atlassian’s Shared Responsibility Model holds for its customers.

Moreover, they will explain how quick and flexible data recovery is possible (in case of a data loss incident), what are the best practices to be followed for optimal data protection, and why due diligence on the customers’ part is equally necessary to meet compliance requirements in their respective industries.

Our webinar will also benefit from the presence of Corptec’s in-house Atlassian expert—Managing Director, Biret Agirtan—who will play host for this event. Biret is the principal Atlassian consultant at Corptec, and a veteran in the Atlassian space. His profound knowledge of Atlassian products and experience handling cloud migration and Atlassian licensing queries makes him the perfect addition to our webinar’s panel of experts!

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Webinar Title: How Secure is the Atlassian Cloud? Busting Common Cloud Security Myths

Speakers: Biret Agirtan (Corptec), Bogdan Viher (HYCU), Asigen Dan (Atlassian)

Date: 26 October, 2023, Thursday

Time: 11:00 to 11:45 AM AEDT     

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We’ll also have a live Q&A session towards the end of the webinar, where our speakers will address your questions on Atlassian cloud security, backup, migration, and performance and continue to debunk any cloud-sceptic myths that may have been holding you back!

And the cherry on the cake? All webinar registrants will be offered Corptec’s premium Atlassian License and Usage Audits and Atlassian Instance Hygiene Reports—tailored to your organisation to provide a comprehensive user analysis and issues identification—free of cost!

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