All You Need to Know: New Features of Oracle Cloud 23a Release

New features Oracle cloud 23a release
We covered all new features released in Oracle 23A from a high-level view. Read more of release highlights in Financials, SCM, Procurement, and Eloqua.

Introducing Oracle Cloud 23a

Oracle Cloud Applications deliver new release every per 3 months to customers to take advantage of the latest product features, enhancements, and fixes. New updates for Oracle 23a update on several highly demanded features, improve application functionality, and enhance user security.

This blog will highlight the new features and required actions need to take from the users from a high-level view of all released update from Oracle 23a include Financials, Supply Planning, Procurement, and Eloqua.

Deadline to Upgrade to Release 23a: Saturday December 16, 2023
Release 23A End of Life (EOL): Saturday, Apr 20, 2024

What’s New in Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials:

Financial Common
  • Oracle now allow approval email notifications to be resent for in-progress transactions. You can bulk-select multiple transactions to resend notification all at once.
  • The enhanced financial workflow rules report allows administrators to align and modify any rules in BPM to an optimal practice.
Accounting and Control
  • Budget control for validating available funds and account encumbrances.
  • General ledge: introduced constraint for future-dated journals from posting in open periods for average daily balance ledgers.
Payables and Expenses
  • Enabled rate limit enforcement for miscellaneous policies.
  • Increased process efficiency by preconfigured the mapping for merchant category codes to corporate card expense types.

What’s New in Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Planning:

Supply Chan Orchestration
  • Improved back-to-back flow for either whole or part of the order line in sales orders tracking.

Supply Planning

  • Predict and generate a demand plan for supplies based on hybrid calendars。
  • Introduced customisable attribute-based planning. Tailor your forecast demand to your unique business requirement.

What’s New in Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement:

  • “Negotiation Award” to view negotiation details on purchase order in header section.
  • “Award Distribution” through define funding patterns to distribute project costs to awards and funding source combinations.
  • Able to give negotiated credits to your supplier by creating purchase order lines with negative amounts.


  • Updated and modified REST APIs to seamlessly integrate with external systems in a simple way.

What’s New in Eloqua:

  • HTML Markup to enhance customised design and functionalities within the platform.
  • Improved email report to assist with campaign management and deliverability.
  • Salesforce Apps integration enhancement.

Eloqua Form Application API

Oracle Cloud Accounts

OpKey for Oracle 23a Quarterly Updates Testing Automation:

Due to complexity of an ERP system, it is important for organisations to make sure proper testing is implemented before any major updates in the system. Read more on how to prepare testing plan for Oracle Quarterly Update. To improve test coverage, increase turnaround time of the Oracle Cloud quarterly patch updates, it is the best option for organisations to adapt automated testing tools.


Opkey’s test discovery and test accelerator features help organisations to mine their existing test scripts and find gaps in the test coverage through comparing what they were testing vs. what the key business process their employees were performing. Opkey provide users with a library of more than 5,000 testing cases especially pre-built for Oracle Cloud ERP environment, allow end-to-end test automations for all integrated business process.


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