How Can Your Atlassian Partner Help You Avoid a Cloud Migration Failure

Collaborating with a trusted Atlassian solution partner helps you avoid cloud migration failures and achieve Atlassian cloud migration success.

Thinking of reaping the benefits of the Atlassian cloud? Good choice! Considering the fact that Atlassian is planning to end its support for server products in February 2024, migrating your on-premise (server) ecosystem to the Atlassian cloud is probably your wisest move.  

Apart from continuing to avail uninterrupted technical support from Atlassian and ensuring on-going access to security updates and bug fixes, an Atlassian cloud migration comes with a plethora of benefits. Some of these include more reliability, enhanced accessibility, increased scalability, improved security, and reduced costs.  

Unfortunately, though, a cloud migration can sometimes go wrong. This could usually be due to one or more of the following reasons: 

  • Lack of proper planning 
  • Lack of knowledgeable resources 
  • Not setting key stakeholder expectations right 
  • A failure to back up project-critical data 
  • Not choosing the right migration strategy  
  • Being undecided on the type and volume of data that needs to be migrated 
  • Unrealistic implementation deadlines 

Following a comprehensive cloud migration checklist, such as the Ultimate Atlassian Cloud Migration Checklist curated for enterprises contemplating a move to the cloud, can give you a good head start. However, to ensure the success of your migration project, you need the knowledge and assistance of experts who understand the complexity of the process and are experienced in supporting organisations transition to a cloud-based environment. 

In this blog, we list the top 5 benefits of collaborating with an Atlassian-certified partner and explain how the right partner can help you overcome common as well as unexpected hurdles in your cloud migration journey. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an Atlassian Partner for the Cloud  

An Atlassian-certified Solution partner provides more than support—they are trusted professionals handpicked by Atlassian to ensure that organisations of all sizes and needs can achieve their business goals—within the specified time and budget. 

Here’s how an Atlassian partner can prove to be a valuable ally in your cloud journey: 

1. They offer you expert guidance 

This one is a no-brainer.  

Although many medium-to-large sized organisations may possess technical experts in-house who can navigate their way around Atlassian’s suite of tools, such as Jira, Confluence, or Bitbucket, they may not be aware of the performance issues that may crop up during the migration, causing project delays. Moreover, since most legacy applications are not built for the cloud, it creates issues in connectivity as well as in configuration. In fact, according to this 2019 study by IHS Markit, many companies decided to move their cloud-based environment back to an on-premise setup after failing in their migration project. 

This is where your Atlassian partner will give you an edge. A certified professional team can not only help you in planning and executing complex migration projects but would also have the technical ability and familiarity with migrating Atlassian tools to the cloud, giving you a guaranteed chance of success. 

2. They provide you end-to-end dedicated support 

What throws most teams off a migration project is the lack of awareness of potential challenges coupled with constant and unpredictable changes within the team. This leads to security challenges and issues with data quality and back up. Moreover, switching to a new cloud environment inherently involves deploying new applications, doing customizations, or including third-party integrations, for which the IT team need to be trained and upskilled—adding to the migration cost. 

Relying on an experienced cloud migration partner would be your best bet here. An Atlassian Solution partner is qualified to provide you with hands-on support and is capable of managing your migration needs end-to-end—starting from the planning phase to the post-migration maintenance phase. Regardless of your company size, however, a certified partner can help you: 

  • Zero-in on the right migration strategy for your business needs 
  • Enable you to correctly assess your application and on-premise landscape 
  • Support you in doing a site clean-up 
  • Assist you during the preparation and testing phase 
  • Execute a running migration with minimum hiccups. 

3. They are aware of migration best practices 

Unlike your in-house technical team, an Atlassian partner would be aware of the tips and tricks to avoid migration pitfalls and navigate their way around a cloud migration that can quickly turn complex due to various factors. Usually, a migration to the Atlassian cloud is considered complex if: 

  • Your company is migrating more than 150 users 
  • You are moving more than 4 Marketplace apps 
  • You have a large number of customizations involved 
  • You have over 20 custom fields
  • You require multiple instance reconciliation 
  • Your team lacks previous migration expertise 
  • You’re unfamiliar with tackling common cloud migration challenges 

Although Atlassian provides a number of free tools and resources to enable you to manage cloud migration on your own, such complexities will surely make the process overwhelming for your team. However, an Atlassian partner is capable of doing most of the heavy-lifting for you and employing proven best practices to accelerate your journey to the cloud. A partner can correctly analyse gaps in your current environment (even if you’re considering a cloud-to-cloud migration!) and help you evaluate the scope of your migration project. 

4. They help you avoid failures 

A failed migration project that had cost immense time, money, and resources to put into action is probably a CTO’s worst nightmare. Migrating to the cloud is not part of an IT team’s core competency in most organisations, and coupled with the length of a migration project, can turn out to be a harrowing experience. However, not choosing to migrate cannot be an option, as cloud migration is an essential part of digitalisation and offers the best way to future-proof your business. 

To achieve success with mission-critical migrations, collaborating with a trusted partner is the way to go. An Atlassian certified partner has had the practice that your team lacks, which helps in making the whole process comparatively easier and less risky. They help you keep the project on track when things seem complicated and ease you from the burden of managing it all on your own. They also ensure that disruptions are kept to a minimum so that there’s a greater chance of completing your cloud migration on time, as planned. 

Moreover, an Atlassian solution partner usually has the capability of providing extra technical support from their end, so that you do not have to invest in upskilling your team. If your team needs training, however, and guidance on post migration activities, your solution partner would be able to provide you with all the help you need.  

5. They help you fast-track your cloud migration journey 

If anyone tells you that cloud migration is easy, don’t believe them! 

If anything, a quick check around with similar companies in your industry will tell you that a cloud migration—whether it is for your parent organisation or for your legal entities—is fraught with challenges. And most organisations do not engage in a cloud migration more than once, making it nearly impossible to conceive, analyse, plan, test, execute, monitor, and maintain a migration project, without overshooting your budget or your timelines. And the longer you take to complete your cloud migration, your data security and business continuity takes a hit. 

This is why a cloud migration partner should be your top consideration. Especially with Atlassian’s suite of products, an experienced partner will be able to help you determine which migration toolset (for example, Jira Cloud Migration Assistant or Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant) would be the best for your business requirements. Based on your choice, your Atlassian partner will help you evaluate your existing applications, offer testing environments, provide support during actual data export and import, and help you strategize when to migrate large data sets. 

More Benefits

Apart from these benefits, a partnership with an Atlassian solution partner can help you: 

  • Transition to the cloud with minimal downtime 
  • Configure Atlassian tools to align with your business processes 
  • Optimize your migration workflows 
  • Mitigate potential security risks 
  • Provide stable technical support 
  • Address application performance issues post migration

Migrate to the Atlassian Cloud with Corptec Technology Partners 

If we have convinced you of the necessity in approaching a Solution partner for your cloud migration project, then as a next step, you need to research on the type of partner who would be most suited to your specific needs. 

For migrations to the Atlassian cloud, the services and guidance of an Atlassian-approved partner is indispensable. Atlassian Solution partners come in three broad levels, and are differentiated based on their individual depth of expertise with Atlassian products. 

As a Gold Solution partner since 2018, Corptec Technology Partners has helped organisations across Australia move to the Atlassian cloud in a scalable and flexible way. Our solution consultants come with extensive knowledge and experience dealing with Atlassian product suites, and can help you overcome any cloud migration challenge, regardless of the project size. 

Interested in learning how Corptec can help you launch a successful cloud migration? Book a walkthrough meeting with our Atlassian expert today

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