The Future of Atlassian and Salesforce with OpenAI: A transformational journey

Recently, the integration of artificial intelligence has become increasingly important, and OpenAI is one of the leading contributors to the field. With their partnership with Atlassian and Salesforce, we can expect OpenAI to play a significant role in transforming the tech industry even further.

As Atlassian and Salesforce Partners, at Corptec we understand the significance of these two giants in the tech industry. Atlassian and Salesforce have already made a significant impact on the way we work and manage customer relationships, and their potential for growth and innovation seems limitless.

Recently, the integration of artificial intelligence has become increasingly important, and OpenAI is one of the leading contributors to the field. With their partnership with Atlassian and Salesforce, we can expect OpenAI to play a significant role in transforming the tech industry even further. In this blog post, we will discuss the potential impact of OpenAI on Atlassian and Salesforce and explore how this partnership will pave the way for a transformational journey in the future of these two tech giants.

Atlassian exhibits flirting with OpenAI integration for Confluence and Jira Cloud

Australian collaboration software company Atlassian has partnered with OpenAI to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) features in Confluence and Jira Administration. With OpenAI’GPT-4 large language model, Atlassian Jira Service Management will be able to assist employees with tech support inquiries in Slack, using a vast database of text sources on the internet. The AI system can process employee queries and make the requested task possible, thereby freeing up service agents for more complex requests. Similarly, Atlassian’s Confluence Server Management program will offer automatic explanations and links to related documents when users click unfamiliar terms in documents. The software will also be able to provide automated answers based on the information stored in documents, making it a useful tool for efficient problem-solving by enhancing automated workflows among Jira Cloud, Confluence Cloud, and third-party tools.

Atlassian Intelligence can revolutionize customer experience

The new AI features will be accessible under the brand name Atlassian Intelligence. Customers can sign up for a waiting list, and over the following few months, Atlassian will start inviting people from it. The availability of the new features to corporate users will depend on whether their employees choose to opt-in.

Atlassian’s employees have already been using the Atlassian Intelligence features internally and they have been well-received, especially for team leaders.

Anu Bharadwaj, President of Atlassian, noted the usefulness of the Confluence feature that allows her to change the style of content while writing, and she also found it helpful when Atlassian Intelligence could recognize the similarities across multiple products being developed simultaneously.

Over the past three years, Atlassian has done a lot of work to migrate Atlassian server to cloud platform and Atlassian Intelligence draws on this work by establishing automation links between Jira Cloud, Confluence Cloud and third-party services like Slack.

Transforming Analytic Tools to Artificial Intelligence

Following a year-long beta testing phase, Atlassian Analytics is now accessible to all cloud customers. Atlassian Analytics tool includes pre-designed dashboards and a query engine that examines and reports data across all Atlassian products. Atlassian Analytics makes use of the Jira Query Language (JQL), easy-to-use visual querying and chart templates with low-code or no-code. Through Atlassian Intelligence, Atlassian plans to add natural language query support for Analytics and other Atlassian cloud tools, in the future.

This is where ChatGPT, will play a vital role as it helps to identify the intention behind natural language inputs. This allows the Language Model (LLM) to convert it into coded inputs like JQL, to extract the required data. Atlassian Intelligence features are developed for all Jira Cloud services, including Jira Work Management, which is designed for non-technical users. Using Atlassian Intelligence to enhance queries in Jira Cloud can be particularly helpful for procurement teams who use Jira Work Management.

Atlassian Intelligence will introduce the first chatbot assistant, Charlie, for Jira Service Management, which is based on Percept.AI. In a recent demonstration by company officials, Charlie was able to answer user questions via Slack.

Salesforce introduces Einstein GPT-powered ‘Field Service Innovation’

Salesforce has unveiled its new innovation called Salesforce Field Service, aiming to improve efficiency and customer experience in the field service industry. These innovations, which utilize the Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein GPT, are intended to reduce service costs, provide greater insights, and enhance operational efficiencies across a range of industries, including healthcare public sector, and manufacturing. Salesforce believes that field service teams are crucial for building customer relationships, with 86% of decision-makers at companies with field service considering it essential for business growth. To assist organizations in optimizing their field service operations, the new solution employs the full potential of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, including real-time data, automation, and generative AI services.

Field Workers will ‘Win’ with Einstein GPT

Salesforce has integrated Einstein GPT into its Field Service app. This innovative integration enhances communication between workers and their contact centers, saves time on notetaking, and generates service reports more efficiently. Field service workers, such as home nurses, technicians, contractors, and those in the public sector or manufacturing, can benefit from this integration. For instance, Einstein GPT can assist home nurses in automating the note-taking process after a home visit.

The addition of AI to the Field Service app will enhance its existing capabilities in managing tasks for field workers, equipment and assets, travel schedule, and improving the customer experience. This AI functionality is specifically designed for part-time contractors, enabling contact centers to view the availability of contractors who work limited hours or only perform certain tasks.

Salesforce plans its future with AI

According to Eammano, the EVP and GM of Salesforce Field Service, Salesforce aims to provide customers with a faster self-service experience through the use of AI. She believes that the potential of generative AI in field service is only just beginning to be realized.

Going forward, the company will prioritize a trust-first approach and seek new ways to empower customers with AI and real-time data capabilities that increase their productivity in the field. Eammano also stated that the company plans to focus more on self-service innovations in response to changing business models in the industry. This emphasis on self-service will result in enhanced multi-modal experiences for field service teams, enabling them to work efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.

OpenAI can transform the Business’ Future

It is not a coincidence that tech giants like Atlassian and Salesforce are investing heavily and integrating OpenAI into their products like Atlassian Intelligence and Einstein GPT. The potential of OpenAI goes beyond just enhancing existing solutions. By working together, Atlassian, Salesforce, and OpenAI can create entirely new solutions that were previously impossible. For example, OpenAI’s GPT technology can be used to create intelligent chatbots that can assist with customer service or project management. With this partnership, we can anticipate a plethora of fresh and inventive solutions as the opportunities are boundless.

In short, this partnership move will undoubtedly lead to a more intelligent and automated future for businesses and customers alike.

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