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Enhance Patient Enrolment

Experience paperless and smooth patient onboarding with our omnichannel sales approach, designed to modernise and simplify the acquisition process.

Healthcare Provider Relationships and Credentials Management

Enhance healthcare provider relationships and credentials management, incorporating AHPRA certifications for MDs, CNPs, and PAs to streamline integration and foster strong collaborative networks.

Patient Portal

Empower your patients’ health journeys with our dynamic patient portal; connect directly with healthcare professionals, schedule appointments effortlessly, and stay informed about their personalised care program, all in one intuitive digital experience.

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Patient Scheduling and Management

Streamline the appointment booking process and manage patient flow seamlessly with a healthcare CRM, ensuring efficient patient care and optimised schedules for healthcare providers.
Self-service Appointment Booking

Allow patients to book their appointments online at their convenience, reducing administrative workload.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Send automated reminders to patients about upcoming appointments, reducing no-show rates.

Real-time Scheduling Updates

Offer healthcare providers real-time updates on their schedules, facilitating better day-to-day planning and patient management.

integrated patient scheduling and management
perosnalised patient communication hub

Patient Communication Hub

Enhance patient engagement through tailored communications based on patient history and preferences, fostering better health outcomes and patient satisfaction.
Segmented Patient Messaging

Enable targeted communication strategies for different patient groups, enhancing the relevance of health information.

Health Education Content Distribution

Distribute personalised health education materials to patients based on their specific conditions or interests.

Feedback and Survey Tools

Collect patient feedback through surveys to continuously improve care and communication strategies.

Care Coordination Platform

Facilitate a collaborative approach to patient care by enabling secure, multi-disciplinary communication and coordination among healthcare teams, improving care quality and patient outcomes.
Centralised Patient Records

Provide a unified view of patient records that can be securely accessed by authorised team members, ensuring consistent care.

Task and Workflow Management

Assign tasks and tracks progress among care team members, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Integrated Care Plans

Support the creation and monitoring of personalised care plans, enabling a coordinated effort in achieving patient health goals.

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