Unlocking New Horizons in Mortgage and Lending with Financial Services Cloud

Our Mortgage & Lending Solution using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud optimises mortgage lending with streamlined applications, detailed data models, and automated document tracking to accelerate and enhance the loan process.

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Revolutionising Mortgage and Lending: Salesforce Financial Services Cloud-Powered Solutions for Efficient Operations

Discover how Salesforce Financial Services Cloud transforms mortgage and lending with tailored solutions that streamline operations and enhance customer service.

Comprehensive CRM and Marketing Automation

Enhance sales and marketing strategies through targeted campaigns and personalised customer interactions, utilising data insights for upselling and customer retention.

Streamlined Loan Processing and Automation

Automate the entire loan lifecycle from application to disbursal, including underwriting and approvals, using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud's robust process automation capabilities.

Integrated Customer Verification and Risk Assessment

Leverage Salesforce tools to perform detailed customer verification and risk assessments, ensuring compliance and reducing fraud.

Efficient Loan Management and Renewals

Manage ongoing loans and facilitate easy renewals with Salesforce's customer 360 view, which provides complete visibility into each customer's journey and financial products.

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CRM and Marketing Automation

Enhance your mortgage and lending strategies with Salesforce’s comprehensive CRM and marketing automation, which dynamically tailors marketing efforts and customer interactions to increase engagement and conversion rates. This dual approach not only streamlines communications but also ensures that marketing campaigns are data-driven and effectively aligned with customer needs.
Targeted Customer Segmentation

Utilise Salesforce’s data analytics to segment customers based on financial behaviours and preferences, enabling more personalised marketing and improved customer acquisition strategies.

Automated Campaign Management

Streamline marketing efforts with automated workflows for email campaigns, social media engagement, and personalised content delivery, ensuring timely and relevant communication with potential and existing clients.

Lead and Referral Tracking

Leverage Salesforce to track and manage leads and referrals efficiently, enhancing the conversion rates through a systematic follow-up and engagement strategy tailored to the mortgage industry.

Enhance mortgage and lending strategies

Loan Processing and Automation

Harness the Power of Salesforce OmniStudio to transform mortgage lending with streamlined data integration, custom automation workflows, and enhanced user interfaces for faster, more efficient loan processing.
Dynamic Data Integration

Utilise Salesforce Financial Services Cloud's Mortgage Data Model to seamlessly integrate comprehensive borrower data across platforms. Salesforce OmniStudio enhances this integration by allowing the creation of dynamic data tools that automatically adapt to new regulations and lender requirements, ensuring data accuracy and compliance.

Customisable Automation Workflows

Implement tailored automation workflows using OmniStudio's flexible tools to manage the entire loan process from initial application to final approval. This feature enables lenders to design and adjust workflows to optimise efficiency and responsiveness to customer needs.

Enhanced User Interfaces for Loan Processing

Develop intuitive and user-friendly interfaces with OmniStudio, which provide clear guidance for loan officers and borrowers through the loan application process. This not only improves the user experience but also speeds up the loan processing time by reducing errors and unnecessary delays.

Customer Verification and Risk Assessment

Maximise the accuracy and efficiency of customer verification and risk assessment in mortgage lending with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud’s Mortgage Data Model and OmniStudio. These tools integrate and automate data analysis, ensuring compliance and minimising risk by providing comprehensive insights into borrower profiles and financial behaviours.
Automated Compliance Checks

Utilise Salesforce OmniStudio to create custom workflows that automatically perform compliance checks against the latest regulations during the customer verification process. This integration ensures that all loan applications adhere to required legal standards, minimising the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Enhanced Risk Profiling

Leverage the detailed data structure of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Mortgage Data Model to generate comprehensive risk profiles. This feature allows lenders to assess potential risks based on a deeper analysis of an applicant's financial background, employment status, and credit history, providing a robust foundation for decision-making.

Real-time Data Synchronisation

Employ Salesforce OmniStudio to ensure real-time synchronisation of customer data across all platforms, enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of risk assessments. This feature supports dynamic updates to customer profiles, allowing for immediate adjustments in risk strategies based on the latest information, thereby optimising risk management processes in mortgage lending.

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Loan Management and Renewals

Optimise loan management and renewal processes with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, which offers an integrated data model that ensures accurate tracking and timely updates. This framework facilitates seamless renewals and refinancing opportunities by maintaining up-to-date loan and borrower information, reducing processing times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Guided Loan Applications with Self-Service Options

Utilising Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, this feature offers a streamlined application process through guided steps that are easily managed via a customer portal developed with Salesforce Experience Cloud. This allows borrowers to input and manage their information directly, reducing dependency on loan officers and speeding up the application process.

Automated Document Management and Customer-Driven Approvals

With Salesforce OmniStudio, this system automates the tracking, management, and approval of necessary loan documents. Borrowers can upload documents, complete checklists, and track their approval status through a self-service portal, which ensures accuracy and expedites the processing time.

Proactive Renewal Management with Direct Customer Engagement

This feature leverages the Salesforce platform to flag upcoming renewals automatically and assess renewal eligibility using pre-set criteria. It enables customers to review and initiate renewal applications through the self-service portal, fostering greater engagement and satisfaction without requiring direct interaction with loan officers.

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